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When you're shopping for a new Ford vehicle, there are several factors that are of high importance to our customers. Price, selection and service are hallmarks of our Massachusetts Ford Dealership and maintaining these at a high level are what keep our loyal customers coming back time and again. Recent increases in the price of fuel have resulted in the customers paying more attention to a vehicle's fuel economy rating when considering whether or not to buy it. High fuel efficiency can translate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved over the vehicle's lifespan, so it is worth spending some time researching which vehicle will suit your driving needs while getting the best mileage. This information is always available in the specification information of each vehicle, but that requires you to go into each car's detail page and record the information yourself in order to compile a side-by-side comparison. Lamoureux Ford has done the work for you and assembled a list of the 10 Best Fuel Efficient Ford Models for the 2022 model year right here!

This list is based on EPA Estimated Fuel Economy ratings and ranked according to each vehicle's Combined Miles Per Gallon - which is the average of the city and highway MPG rating. City fuel economy is usually less due to the low speed at which you travel - meaning while you are in low gear, your engine is working harder to cover less distance. Frequent starts, acceleration, braking, and deceleration also contribute to a less efficient fuel economy, however, if you're driving a hybrid, you can expect to get better gas mileage in the city because that's when your vehicle makes more use of its electric motor, which saves gas. Driving at highway speeds generally yields higher fuel efficiency as your vehicle is in high gear, the engine isn't working as hard to cover a greater distance, and your vehicle is traveling at a consistent speed which improves fuel economy. The combined MPG gives the average driver a good estimate of expected fuel economy, however, if your driving habits lean more towards city or highway driving, those estimates will more accurately reflect the gas mileage you'll probably get out of your Ford vehicle.

Ten Best Fuel Efficient 2022 Ford Models

Check out the 2022 lineup of fuel-efficient Ford models compiled here for your review. Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, gas/electric hybrids and fuel-efficient gas-powered vehicles give Lamoureux Ford shoppers a wide variety of cars, crossovers, SUVs, trucks and vans to choose from to provide for just about every driving need and the great fuel-efficiency of these models will help you save more on fuel costs.

2022 Model Combined Highway City
2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Mustang Mach-E 103 mpge* 96 mpge* 110 mpge*
2022 Ford Escape PHEV Escape PHEV 105 mpge* 40 Combined Gas mpg
2022 Ford Maverick Maverick Hybrid Pickup 37 mpg 33 mpg 42 mpg
2022 Ford Escape Escape 30 mpg 34 mpg 28 mpg
2022 Ford Explorer Hybrid Explorer Hybrid 27 mpg 28 mpg 27 mpg
2022 Ford Bronco Sport Bronco Sport 26 mpg 28 mpg 25 mpg
2022 Ford Transit Connect Transit Connect 26 mpg 28 mpg 24 mpg
2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Maverick Pickup 26 mpg 30 mpg 23 mpg
2022 Ford F-150 Hybrid Pickup F-150 Hybrid Pickup 25 mpg 25 mpg 25 mpg
2022 Ford EcoSport EcoSport 25 mpg 29 mpg 23 mpg

MPGe = Miles Per Gallon Equivalent calculated as 33.7 kWh of electricity = 1 gallon of gas.
Data source:  https://www.fueleconomy.gov

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There's no question that electric vehicles like the exciting Mustang Mach-E deliver the best fuel-efficiency with hybrids also providing significant fuel savings. Even Ford's gas-powered vehicles offer great fuel economy on the highways and the city streets around Worcester and Springfield. Whichever Ford vehicle you find that's right for you, Lamoureux Ford is your trusted provider of great Ford deals with outstanding customer service and a staff of knowledgeable and personable automotive experts that will make your car shopping experience the best it can be. Stop in today to test drive a new Ford and see how we can help you save money off your fuel costs.

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